Going on the record

vTestify’s legal proceeding platform makes it easy to capture High-Definition video, with built-in HD recording and proprietary noise suppression. Our purpose-built platform makes going on the record quick and easy, with the click of a button you are on the record, our platform does the rest of the work automatically. Some of the features include automatic on-record time tracking, audio redundancies, a variety of recording options, and easy-to-access deposition assets available after the proceeding is complete.

Video testimony creates a better piece of evidence when compared to a standalone transcript. In addition to capturing the spoken word, video evidence also captures body language and voice inflection. This innovative remote video technology enables lawyers to convey their presence to the witness, effectively triggering and recording the intended emotional or physical responses.

Using vTestify erased any reservations our firm had about conducting a remote deposition. The user interface was extremely intuitive, even for our attorneys who are less comfortable with technology.
– Stewart Fisher, GMFM Law Firm

When designing vTestify, we have legal proceeding and court reporter’s workflows in mind, which is why we have on record time taking for the host and co-host that tallies the on-record time for the proceeding.

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The court proceeding world needs a number of different configurations of recording for many types of proceedings. The vTestify platform allows for video recording of various attendees to be turned on or off with the check of a box, or not record video at all with our audio only recording option. 

Simplicity: that is the goal with one single click and you are on the record, with built in time tracking for the reporter to keep track of how long the matter has been on the record.

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On by default, but optional with the click of a button, and automatically set by the time zone of the witness with quick adjustment in the user profile.

All video clips are ready to download immediately after the deposition, with the click of a button you are ready to compile the assets and move on to the post-production process.

One of the biggest benefits of video with remote depositions is the inclusion of body language and being able to keep an eye on the witness for any funny business, or just to understand the witness testimony better than just listening to a voice or reading a piece of paper that might not catch all of the information wanted.